3D origami how to make a pig (piglet) tutorial (modular origami)

Video description

Very beautiful and cute pig 3D origami. You can use it as an interesting toy for children (only pre-merge all the bureaucratic details of colorless glue), or as a beautiful interior decoration of your room. Or, as an interesting gift made with their hands mom, dad, grandparents, other relatives. Believe me, they will appreciate how much effort and time you put into this gift.

Having made such a pig, you will receive a guaranteed positive emotions. It turns such a cute little animal.

You can also use such a pig as a holiday symbol or totem in the Year of the pig (boar) on the eastern (Chinese) calendar.

To make this, we need: 140 pink and 8 dark pink triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

Make the first and second rows of 16 pink pieces in each row. First row - short side pieces down, second - long party

Use 16 pieces in the 3rd row (long side down)

Overturn on the other side and gut-wrenching

Putting 5 rows and for 16 pieces each

Make another one row (last) of 12 pieces

From dark pink the piece snout to our pig.

Likewise, do more and two eyelets

attach five-copeck coin to the abdomen

And lugs

Attach the legs.

To so pig better standing, pieces front and hind legs set angles opposite side.

Expand piece and make tail

possibly all parts glue colorless glue

From the white paper make eye

And glue them

That's it! Now you know how to make a pretty cute pig (piglet) from the pieces 3D origami.

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